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M2 AEI BLACK HD - Refurbished
M2 AEI BLACK HD - Refurbished
M2 AEI BLACK HD - Refurbished

M2 AEI BLACK HD - Refurbished

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Article number: B507392

Product Description

Created for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this latest addition to the second generation of Sennheiser’s HD1 line brings pure luxury and amazing stereo sound together in a single package. The powerful high-end transducers deliver music in breathtaking clarity, and the conveniently located inline 3-button smart remote and microphone make it easy to control your smartphone and switch between music and incoming calls.

And if leather happens to be your thing, the HD1 is just right for you. The foldable headband and earpads have been covered with luxurious leather of the highest quality, in order to ensure that your listening experience is fully satisfying on every level. Spoil yourself with Sennheiser’s HD1.


  • Closed circumoral design for optimum noise isolation 
  • Luxurious leather headband and earpads for a feeling of substance and quality
  • Stay connected – control your music and calls
  • Robust, foldable headband for easy storage
  • Amazing stereo sound across the audible range thanks to Sennheiser’s 18Ω high-end transducers
  • Inline, 3-button smart remote and microphone on the cable are compatible with most smartphones and portable players (including Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices).  Made For iPod®/iPhone™ cable with integrated smart remote and microphone (iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.)